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Protective Covering Inc

American Made PVC and windsreen products

The Best PVC stitchers in the North East


PCI's unique quality

PCI is a local canvas company that specializes in custom PVC applications.

You name it, we make it!


rv mats_pvc

We offer a wide variety of products,

from RV mats, to Track Tarps, Bench Tarps, Gym curtains and many more!

Along with the smarts and tools to make custom jobs. Feel free to ask for specific job requests!!


Our Products


Made 100% in America!

Family Owned and  Operated for 40 Years

RV mats_pvc

tan rv mat



Made in America

For those with material needs,
we can customize our material for
any application!


We love options, with lots of different choices, just like you.

Our products are better because we use only the finest materials available.

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Quality is our key

quality products that your proud of

Buy American Made!!

Stop the Imports, Support American Made Companies !


Is our key

We promise quality American made products that offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensures you enjoy a memorable experience every time. Cheaper and better quality then the competitors!

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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