About Us

Protective Covering Employees

About Us

Protective Covering inc is a family owned and operated business! Angie Masone is the Head of our sales team,

and is always looking to make new and exciting products!

Protect your investment with Protective Covering Inc’s American Made Covers!

Protective Covering has over 40 years of experience in the fabrication industry.

Our employees are hardworking and dedicated to helping keep jobs in America everyday.

Our prices and quality are far superior to the imports and competitors on the market !

We promise you that you won’t be disappointed!


You can also find us on AmericansWorking.com !!


Located at:  213 Haverhill Road   East, Kingston NH  03827     Phone: 603-347-5419     Fax : 603-347-1892  

info@procovinc.com         sales@procovinc.com         angie@procovinc.com