Our Approach

Protective Covering Inc – PCI for short, is a family owned and operated company! We pride ourselves on quality products and fast delivery! PCI has been in the construction, custom canvas business for 35+ years so we know the real in’s and outs when it comes to new product development as well as the old standard truck covers how we got our business off the ground ! Our competitive advantage is that we offer 100% American Made goods, at great prices ! Our old but good sewing machines, with our quality supplies and great employee’s is what makes us unique! Being family owned, we have a mother and daughter team that stitch all our products! Those are a few of the many things that sets us apart from others in the same industry.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, ours started with Paul Masone a Massachusetts boy that he found his nitch back in his 20’s. After moving to NH, creating a family, his business steadily increased with local hauling companies. Granite State Cover was, and still is known for it’s name on the back of many Tractor-trailer covers driving along the East Coast. In 2008 Paul sold the company to a new owner, but decided he wanted to keep up his legacy by creating a smaller sub company with less demand. Thus Protective Covering Inc. was born ! After going to Suffolk University, in Boston MA, and finishing her Business Degree at UNH, Angelea – Angie Masone, “Paul’s daughter” started not only taking care of office duties, but has been a team player in all aspects of the company, like sewing our products, creating marketing strategies, and even making this great website! 😉 Paul’s Wife- Joyce has been a dedicated employee since the 1990’s! You would be amazed by the heavy covers this mother daughter team produces on a daily basis!! Come visit our shop we would love to get to know you !

Meet the PCI Team !

These are the people that make our magic happen !

Paul Masone

Founder & CEO

The man with the plan ! See above in ‘Our Story’ how Paul has made it to where he is today. With years of experience, and a great support team, we will continue to create quality construction products!

Angie Masone

Vice President

At age 26, Angie is definitely what you call an entrepreneur ! She enjoys creating things, like photography, painting and small sewing projects! With the help of her Dad & Mom, this family business is one you definitely will not forget !

Joyce Masone


Originally from MD, Joyce met Paul at a work function in MA, and the duo has made a great business team over the 40+ years together!

Next Steps…